Shoes that enhance kids physical development by letting feet be feet AND empower kids to feel brave and independent. Helping kids develop into healthy and happy adults.

  • Education from the ground up

    We're a platform for kids to learn about themselves and the world around them by 'putting on your brave feet and giving it a go.'

  • Create an environmental and ethical footprint.

    Our shoes are ethically and sustainably made. All shoes are returned and upcycled. We give back through a pay (step!) it forward scheme.

  • Letting feet be feet

    Young feet need space to grow and develop but get squished into shoes inspired by fashion not evolution. Our shoes have a wide toe box (foot shaped), with a flat and flexible sole.

Helping children to find their feet and step out into the world ready for their next adventure.

Treading softly on this planet with love and compassion for themselves and others.

Think about your own feet.

As you read this, pay attention to your feet. How do they feel in your shoes? How can you help your feet and kids' feet be the feet they've evolved to be?

Jump for joy.

Shoes that allows kids to get their best "boing" as they hop, skip, jump and climb their way through life. The foot is designed to support and move all by itself. The job of the kids shoe should be to protect their developing feet from the elements, without interfering with how the foot develops.

The face behind the feet.

I'm Eva, the founder of Brave Feet. A kids shoe brand, helping kids develop into healthy and happy adults —saving the world, two feet at a time. I'm a physio who works with feet. I see first-hand (or foot!) the effect of tight-fitting shoes; knee pain, back pain and headaches, to name a few. Our feet have evolved over millions of years for us to stand up and move forward. The shoe industry has interfered in the name of fashion. I want to make a difference for my kids, your kids and all kids starting with feet.

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